Juicy marketing communication and brand strategy for a Czech butcher's chain: NOVÁK maso - uzeniny

This story begins with two brand identities, a nearly non-existent social media presence and a website with virtually no traffic. Add the client's bad experiences with a marketing agency and a negative attitude towards Facebook to the mix and you have a situation that is literally teetering on a knife’s edge. Which you really do not want – especially if a butcher's chain is involved! But as soon as you mix in some marketing „chefs“ from senseZoom, season that with the right marketing, streamline the visuals, address community management and add butchers straight from the cutting-board to the marketed content, you have a brand as strong as a bull – just like the one in the company logo!


The company NOVÁK maso - uzeniny s.r.o. operates a total of 60 shops in the Czech Republic, which were also the company‘s main communication channel. Unfortunately, customers often confused the brand with its competitors. Its managers thus decided to invest more resources into marketing and contacted a large marketing agency to get support in launching a new website and building a new brand identity. Unfortunately, this agency disregarded the finished logo, which set NOVAK butchery apart from its competitors. Instead, they decided to create a new company identity in their own way. Which is why in the end, the company ended up with two different visual concepts.

This is where we enter the scene – with the task of designing posters for the company shops.  

“We only need content”

The client was taking the right approach – they had prepared all the individual components: the logo, a brand manual, the website. We prepared posters according to the existing manual and when we saw that there are two brand identities side by side, we were not able to do anything at that stage.

But after a while, the client called us and asked for help with creating content for the new website. When we analyzed the finished concept, we realized that this would not be that easy.

Problem number one: The two different identities. Moreover, the website had an inconvenient content management system, was not SEO-friendly, lacked mobile optimization – and we even found a few UX/UI discrepancies. So we had to convince the client to start the website process yet again and to design the whole marketing strategy from scratch. This was due to technical errors connected to the website, but also because its content management system prevented future changes – had we poured new content into this system, it would have cost the client more than building a new website from the ground up. And so, by going for a new launch, we gained both a more professional space for presenting the company as well as a more universal tool for managing content, while also bringing the client a cheaper solution


“By going for a new launch, we gained both a more professional space for presenting the company as well as a more universal tool for managing content.”

Our approach in designing a marketing strategy for NOVÁK maso - uzeniny

1. Streamlining visual identity

We used the new bull logo, which is timeless, simple and easy to remember, together with the existing logo manual elements. This formed a unified corporate identity, which is now projected in all the company’s marketing channels and materials. 

2. Design of new website

We came up with a website structure, made sure that the UX/UI elements were correctly designed and chose a content management system that is easy to operate. Then we proposed the graphics for the web that match the brand’s corporate identity.

3. Social media management

Since September 2019, we have been in charge of the community management of the company, especially on Facebook. Within a year, we went from mere 50 followers to 2 400, all of which are very active and help us by constantly sharing content.


“Within a year, we went from mere 50 followers to 2 400, all of which are very active and help us by constantly sharing content.”


Butchers are the public face of the shops as well as the new website

The project of designing a new website for NOVÁK was not merely a question of coming up with a blueprint. We also came up with the entirety of content, which we update regularly. Mostly, we communicate what is most important: what makes the company unique. Which is why you can see the faces of its butchers there, as well as stories of its local suppliers, recipes and much more. At first glance, all of this does not appear to help sell meat. But it helps the customers of the butchery to confirm information, find out new facts and be inspired by the recipes. And this is something that customers remember.

Prospective hires find information about current vacancies and can directly contact the human resources staff, they can read about the history of the company and find other relevant information. The website has also become a hub to which we can link from social media and refer to it in the shops. Customers have intuitively started visiting it, which is evidenced by the fact that dozens of new inquiries from the website’s contact sheet reach the company each week.

We are very pleased that the main role of web content is the actual butchers, which are in charge of the quality of the meat in each shop. On the homepage, you can find their profiles and read a short bio. This helps increase customer loyalty, but we also believe that it inspires the butchers to feel more connected to the website, which in turn makes them more likely to assist in developing it further and recommending it to customers.

“Customers have intuitively started visiting the website, which is evidenced by the fact that dozens of new inquiries from the website’s contact sheet reach the company each week.”

Results of the collaboration of NOVÁK and senseZOOM

What do we consider our greatest success? The fact that the management of Novak has started perceiving marketing as a valuable tool in increasing sales. They have also completely changed their opinion of Facebook, which they used to see as a noticeboard from which they did not expect any additional performance. And we have become the brand’s allies, who plan the entire communication rather than being mere designers and art directors.


Streamlining brand identity, setting it apart from competitors


Creating a new website with a stable number of organic visitors


Building an active and connected fanbase on Facebook


Creating the entire external communication and changing the mindset of the company managers


Collaborating in business development activities

This was only the beginning…

This is where we could stop and “only“ maintain the status quo. Thanks to the solid base of the new marketing strategy, tonality and also thanks to the company’s new marketing specialist, we can further develop marketing of the butcher's chain NOVÁK. The company’s ladies and gentlemen all want to show the world what the honest craft of butchering and fresh quality meat from the Czech Republic are all about. So there’s no doubt that the road ahead will be full of emotion and wonderful stories. Come and join us in this experience!


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