How we went from consultants to partners of Crowdberry, an innovative alternative investment platform

To us at senseZOOM, marketing outsourcing means that we always try to get as close to your business as possible. Quite often, we become so intertwined with the client company that we get mixed up with its permanent staff by those looking from the outside. This also rings true for our relationship with Crowdberry. But we are not “only“ the marketing department of this investment platform, we are also their business partners, weigh in on important decisions regarding projects and we support Crowdberry in dealing with companies that are looking for investment capital. Moreover, we even meddle a bit with their data-related work. 

About Crowdberry

Crowdberry was founded in 2015 in Bratislava, as an investment platform for start-ups. Since then, Crowdberry has reviewed over 500 companies and helped 16 of them secure investments with a total volume of €25,5 million. The platform has moved from supporting start-ups to focusing on more “grown-up“ companies, just as Crowdberry has grown bigger and become more sophisticated.

And we at senseZOOM have contributed to that.


Marketing support for both the platform and its investment campaigns

When we started collaborating with Crowdberry in 2017, the company did hardly invest time into marketing at all. It had no definition of what sets the firm apart from the competition and was not aware of how to handle external communication. Or even what kind of marketing specialists the company may require. Which is why we started building a marketing strategy and a marketing department from the ground up.

There were three important areas that needed to be addressed:


Setting up Crowdberry's external communication strategy

including a detailed analysis of its target groups, USPs, as well as identifying company values, finding the appropriate tone of voice, setting marketing goals, analyzing the company’s success rate and PR, etc.


Designing an automated marketing approach

in regards to investors and data-related work


Marketing support

of projects looking for investments

To achieve all this, we dedicated a team of up to five people to Crowdberry, who supplemented the company’s own in-house marketing department.

Building brand trust

Long story short, anything related to the communication and the brand identity of Crowdberry is our work. Today, we work together with its in-house marketing team, which we have built and managed.

Following an analysis of needs and target groups, we have designed its entire marketing strategy, including the question of how and where we want to speak to investors and companies (i.e. tonality and marketing channels), what is important to them (which information we share and how we share it) and what the process of choosing their investment is like (the customer journey and the communication connected to each step on the platform).

We were able to come up with all of this because we had a deep understanding of the business process and the target group’s needs. A change of this extent was needed for Crowdberry to aim at the right investors and attract suitable companies and projects to include on its platform.


“Moreover, a premium investment platform has to strive for high professional standards, a trustworthy image and deliver what both of its target groups expect.”


Setting up automated marketing and data-related work

As most companies do, Crowdberry had its data stored in different charts and databases. It was apparent, however, that with the growing number of investments and investors, it would become more and more difficult to maintain the data manually. Which is why we dove straight into the data-workplace and started a selection procedure for a provider of CRM-services, with the goal of providing top customer experience.

We also pushed the implementation of a new CRM and set up an automated system for filling in contracts as well as sending out e-mails that reflected investors' actions on the company's website. We are also in charge of the chat-module on the site and much more.

Marketing support for companies looking for investments

We also have the extraordinary opportunity of taking part in the decision of whether a new project or company will be promoted on the platform. Initially, we find out if the project is marketable at all, if we can adequately promote it and communicate all the required information to potential investors in a fashion that is easy to comprehend.

After that, we work directly with the team of the company that is asking for an investment and help them come up with a presentation for the investment round, products/services and organize webinars. For your understanding: From March until December 2020 we have organized over 70 of those. The circle closes when we can announce new investment opportunities and then inform the public about the successful investment.



“SenzeZOOM is an integral part of Crowdberry's success journey and has largely contributed to the way we are perceived among industry experts. As our marketing activities grew, the team grew in numbers, too. We didn’t need to worry about finding out what experts we needed or waste time recruiting… senseZOOM took care of everything. As time went, we employed the services of an art director, web experts, copywriters, designers and PR specialists, all of them not only great professionals but also a perfect personality fit.

When we needed a smaller team, senseZOOM adapted accordingly. And when the time came when we needed our own in-house team, they helped us find the right hires. Yet, senseZOOM still plays an important role in all of our marketing activities, sets up the strategy and coordinates our in-house team,” says Crowdberry's partner Peter Bečár about the cooperation.

Benefits of working together: Crowdberry and senseZOOM

Thanks to our collaboration, Crowdberry is well known in the business community in Slovakia and is making a name for itself in the Czech Republic as well. The interest of journalists has grown. They perceive Crowdberry as an innovative company that is changing the realm of personal finance.  We are happy to see the projects that have been financed with the help of Crowdberry grow.

Of course, we have some marketing metrics regarding our work for you, too


Designing a marketing and communication strategy


Setting up processes in the realm of customer and investor care


Streamlining work with investors’ data, automated marketing


Helping companies with their investor pitch


Open rate of regular newsletter > 40 %, click-through rate (CTR) > 10


Organizing steadfast events for potential investors that have also gained media attention


Creating content in three languages


Building trust with institutional investors, especially in Slovakia


Developing an online platform where all of this takes place


Creating content, communication and digital strategy

We won’t stop, quite the opposite. There are great things ahead of us!

At the turn of 2020/2021, we are awaiting the launch of a new online investment platform as well as organizational changes. With this client, we have managed to integrate senseZOOM's outsourcing service with our incubator programme. In the Czech Republic, marketing has been taken over directly by a new expert who works for Crowdberry, to whom we have transferred a part of our activities. In Slovakia, the client already has their marketing manager. In both countries, we managed the selection procedure. We continue to lead the team on the client’s end, designing the strategy and organizing select marketing activities.

The joint journey of senseZOOM and Crowdberry is just starting! If you want to follow it, have a look at how we are changing its online presence, web and its content, how we are handling social media and the entire communication. We are looking forward to your feedback!


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