Next challenge: Starting up a bit different agency


Last week I left the P3 office for the last time to start my next chapter. Helping P3 and Philips improving their sales and marketing all over Europe was a great ride - 11 years long adventure and a great fun - unforgettable projects like helping Philips to become number 1 in outdoor lighting in the Czech Republic, bringing first festival of light to the Czech Republic, the first European-wide drone-view real estate sales tool, successful re-naming and rebranding of P3 or building great P3 marketing team ... and many, many others.

Those years were priceless. Both Philips and P3 provided me with trust and freedom, and enabled me to do great things, bring new ideas, create customer experience programs or connect people in sales and all the other departments with marketing. They gave me an opportunity to be part of the team leading the change and build on the things I have always believed in. This is a major difference to many other companies I have seen. Companies, which do not feel marketing as the centre of everything they do. Companies which do not put their customers first, or limit engagement of their people. Companies, which understand they should make the change but miss the right direction. There are also marketing agencies which unfortunately do not provide quality service with long-term added value to their clients. They just run from task to task without leading their customers, without challenging them and provoking change. Also many clients accept that as "there is no better solution".

In my previous roles, I found out that I'm able to improve these things and engage people around me to drive the change as a team. That's why I want to use what I have learned to help more companies improve their business. We live in an era, where having great competences in the core business is not enough. In an era, where successful, inspiring and engaging companies don't perceive marketing as a leaflet tool but as the main enabler to show, improve and promote their core business competences - as the epicentre of what they do and why they do it - from marketing & sales strategy, to external and internal communications, innovation and use of technology. Therefore, I would like to help companies change the way they perceive and do marketing. I believe a complex business strategy agency which drives the customers forward and acts as the "in-house" expert advisor is missing in the market.

When people ask me what the most important thing in my career is - I always say it is the love and passion for my job. I have been working hard, but never perceived it as work. It is a purpose and a strong belief that I can change something important. I've always been lucky to work for companies allowing me to do so and I've always strived to spread this "disease" to my teams and colleagues who have the same mind set-up. Yet I see a lot of people around me, who are not that lucky and perceive their jobs as only a way to pay their bills. I want to build an agency which will help its clients to change this within their teams and maximize their organisation 's potential and grow them personally as well. Finally, people in the organisations will be enjoying the service they, as a team, provide to their clients. Strange for a business strategy agency? I believe this is the vital starting point. There is no business owner or manager, who wouldn't like to lead a team of people, who happily come to work every day feeling excited to make another step to their common vision.

I will be happy to speak with everyone who shares the same view.