As we are not just a marketing agency, we always start by getting to know our clients perfectly. Our analysis includes an analysis of sales tools, internal and external communication, the course of business meetings, shadowing company managers, or an analysis of interviews with the staff across the whole company, divisions and positions.

The result of that analysis is a list of projects and events, which always arise out of the analysis with the contribution of all team members. We set priorities and schedules together with the client's team.

Then, if the client is interested, our team works on the marketing projects determined in the same way the client's in-house team would do. However, our teams are already formed, tested and adjusted to the client's needs - from a marketing strategy, through external and internal communication, web, graphics, copywriting, social networks, online marketing to events.

At the same time, we can help clients who can't afford a professional marketing director or who haven't yet met the right one. Our senior marketers can perform the role of your in-house marketing director and they needn't do it 160 hours per month, or they can be your marketing director for only a limited period of time; they set processes, find a team or make use of the senseZOOM in-house team and gradually find the right candidate for you.