Small and medium-sized companies (but also, for example, local representation of big corporations) regard marketing as a cost or, under the best of conditions, as sales support. Marketing is often not paid the attention it deserves. Small companies do not have enough money and focus for high-quality marketing teams, although they often spend high amounts on marketing - even an unnecessary discount is a cost - or they don't think marketing is important.

Service agencies are usually very specialised - everything is fragmented - marketing consultancy, corporate identity, graphics, brand, online marketing, PR, advertisement, events, video, mailing... Only very few agencies and companies approach marketing as a comprehensive strategy of the company.

How shall a company consider marketing the very beginning of all discussions when it only gets a little of everything?

Agencies often fail to work with clients in a comprehensive and continuous manner - they don't work with their CRM, don't measure the impact on sales, don't lead the client's teams from the position of an expert... It is often up to the company's marketer to understand a little of everything, know the best supplier for each area, find them and control them. In addition, agencies often just ride the wave - they perform "maintenance" for a fee, report hours of work and issue an invoice. They don't provide evidence of their contribution or the impact of their ideas, they don't lead the customer, are even sometimes lead by them.