Plug & Play marketing

Are you thinking of starting to build your marketing with the help of an agency or enhancing your existing in-house team with their know-how? Gradually, you’re surely discovering that there are more than enough marketing agencies on the market and you may be starting to lose your ground because you don’t know how to make the right choice. To make your choice easier, we decided to present you with the essential questions you should ask yourself when choosing an agency.

What can I expect from a marketing agency?

If you’re planning to launch a massive global campaign and you have the budget for it, don’t be afraid to approach a reputable agency. Do you want to have a promotional flyer designed and printed just as a one-off? Try to look for a smaller agency that will have a good price-performance ratio. Very often the highest price in this industry does not mean the best possible result.

Do I want the agency to do everything my way?

Agencies and clients are different, so it’s important that you have a chemistry that works. If you’re more the sort of person who wants to have everything your own way, make sure you don’t choose an agency full of creatives with ideas that don’t suit you. Are you aware that you’re not so sure of yourself in marketing and are ready to be advised? If so, an agency that can come up with new ideas while saying “no” to the ones that won’t add value for you will come in handy.

Is the agency trustworthy?

Before you arrange a personal meeting with a representative of the agency you liked at first sight, find out where the agency is located and what its offices look like. Also check what the agency’s draft contract looks like and how they set their notice periods. Take a look at the case studies too. These will reveal more about whether the agency is operating in the segment you are selecting it for. Also look at its references, the satisfaction of current and former clients, the length of time they have worked with the agency and how the agency itself talks about them. You should also be interested in the way it reports on its work, how it bills, how it approaches the projects it is entrusted with and how it handles crisis situations. Is everything to your liking? A face-to-face meeting is definitely in order to find out if you and the agency are on the same page.

Should I be testing the agency?

Maybe you were so impressed with the in-person meeting that you’d gladly sign your soul away to the agency for life. But don’t be too hasty. Nice and steady. First, assign a one-off pilot project to the agency. Decide whether you really want to continue working with the agency based on how the project was handled, how quickly and factually the agency responded to your comments and questions, and what the outcome was.

Is your goal to reduce costs, increase efficiency, acquire a more flexible team or just get a fresh perspective on your marketing activities? Either way, we hope that after answering these questions, nothing will stop you from choosing ” the one” to help you achieve your marketing dreams.