Recepce roku, the competition that scored a second time around

In 2021, we were part of the team that helped organize the first edition of Recepce roku – a competition held exclusively for corporate receptions, receptions in office buildings, and coworking centers in the Czech capital of Prague. The first year of the competition introduced and popularised the competition among the target group. This year we faced slightly different challenges: to improve the reputation and increase the value of the Recepce roku brand and entice companies to participate in new categories. Those were Recepce roku 2022 – co-work, and especiaRecepce roku 2022 – design.

Planning is half the battle

First, for Recepce není vrátnice, which is a registered association organizing the competition, we wrote a manual for event partners. We also developed a Q&A document for the media. We then started to put together a communication plan for the second edition of the competition. The main communication obstacle was waiting for us with the announcement of the new competition categories. We also planned how to continuously get the competition and the new categories in front of experts and the public through selected online and offline channels.

“The team that helped us with the first edition of the Recepce roku competition in 2021 is made up of true professionals. They quickly solved sudden problems while proactively coming up with their own ideas to make the competition more attractive to our target audience. The principle of Plug & Play collaboration appealed to me, and I quickly began seeing them as our internal marketing team. I approached senseZOOM again in connection with this year’s event. Once again, it was a pleasant and impeccable collaborative effort.”

Štěpánka Pancová, coordinator of the Recepce roku 2022 competition

Design is sexy

In 2022, twice as many corporate receptions entered the competition as the previous year. We had experienced the audit methodology and other requirements that had to be ensured for the main category and the co-work category from the previous year. This significantly freed us up to create the Recepce roku 2022 – design category, which was judged for the first time.

We switched to an online evaluation system for the design category instead of professional audits. To do this, we produced medallions that concisely showed the design solutions of all the finalist corporate receptions. During the preparation, we also cooperated with the category’s expert guarantor and well-known architect, Václav Aulický.

Kudos to the winners

In 2021, the competition had only one category, and only three finalist receptions needed to be presented at the award ceremony.

This year, we included the presentation of a total of eight award-winning receptions in the same time slot. The awards ceremony could be streamed online. A thematic panel discussion was also held as part of the ceremony. All guests could get to know each other and congratulate the winners.

Our main goal throughout the project was to reach a new target group. The Recepce roku 2022 – design category exceeded our expectations. Mission accomplished.

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