Plug & Play marketing: more heads together know more than one

You have been dreaming for a long time about a person who can brilliantly set up a marketing strategy, is not afraid of social media networks and calmly manages even graphic design. But where to find them? You can either keep searching for the mythical unicorn that is paid in gold, find a junior, or acquire an experienced multi-talented team instead for the price of one in-house marketeer. This will enable you to focus on the core business while your marketing continues to develop.

A priceless unicorn

Let’s say you’ve found a marketer whose abilities reach the qualities of a mythical animal. Congratulations. You have a person with a lot of experience under your roof. They have no problem taking on any project or freelancer of any kind. But they’re a bit expensive, and because they do all the marketing themselves, they have to delegate all the tasks in turn, and sometimes they’re bound to have trouble coordinating all the activities to your liking.

Kind of lost

If you need more funds, you’ve probably resigned to getting a ready-made marketer and prefer to fish in the waters of newcomers. And you’ll trust your chosen junior to be nurtured the way you need. They, too, will be able to find external suppliers. However, they will not know how to distinguish the good from the bad and what to look for when choosing them. And your marketing can then be all over the place. They will have even more trouble coordinating all their activities than a unicorn would, and they probably will need to improve at maintaining the integrity of your brand communication.


More heads have more ideas than one

The third option is to appoint an experienced marketer or junior marketer and add Plug & Play marketing. This way, that person can focus entirely on all in-house matters, and because the senseZOOM team always knows what’s going on in your company; they can think ahead and put together a coherent concept of the activities and channels that will need to be catered for. And they will. From the very beginning of cooperation, you will receive quality tailored marketing, and all the work will progress much faster and will start to pay off. And what can we say… As a result, you will save a few pennies.

Entrust your marketing to the multi-talented senseZOOM team.