We want to change the way companies think about marketing

We want to show companies that marketing is the central point of everything they do - it determines the company's strategy and "tone of voice", product, price, communication, every contact of the customer with the company, how, what, where and when a sales force sell, how the finance, production or legal departments think...

We believe that people should do what they find fulfilling. Therefore, we help companies communicate values they trust in.

We want to be an agency that pushes the customer forwards, influences the whole company, innovates, improves the performance of the company and measures its impact

We want to help companies do what is fulfilling for them - determine what is their WHY - the values, passion - and help them set their strategy and communication accordingly, to teach the company to follow this direction and live by the same values

We want to teach medium-sized companies to do their marketing properly (not for too much money)

We want to provide small companies and start-ups with access to high-quality "in-house-like" marketing

We want to make marketers' lives easier when they don't know a great and affordable agency for everything - senseZOOM is the first one stop shop where you don't get a partner for a particular activity because we get a fee, but because we know your strategy, we know what you need and we will choose the best candidate from our team or our partners' teams

We want to change the way work is perceived in the Czech Republic - we don't want to come to terms with the fact that people only work for wages. We want to help them find their why and thus help your company