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Hynek Bartík

Managing Partner

After 12 years of working as a business professional and marketing director for big companies, I founded senseZOOM in 2017. Our goal and mission is to help clients improve not only their marketing – but their entire business. 

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Martin Březina

Managing Director

Over the last twenty years, I have completed hundreds of marketing and communication projects, which has given me enough experience and a comprehensive overview in the fields of marketing and communication. I have always enjoyed and am still motivated by cultivating communications and marketing activities, no matter if on the agency or the corporate side.

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Veronika Chvalová

Marketing Manager

I joined senseZOOM because I wanted to be there when marketing strategies are created and because the connection of business and marketing comes naturally to me. I enjoy communicating with clients and manage to supervise even the most demanding projects. At the same time, I always make sure that with all the work, we do not forget about the fun!   

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Tereza Ibrová

Marketing Junior

For me, marketing is a combination of arts and analytics, two opposite poles that I have always found myself between. What I enjoy about senseZOOM is that I can take advantage of my “multifunctionality”. I do a bit of copywriting, a bit of graphic design and sometimes I edit videos… In short: Whatever job there is, I make sure to get it done. 

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Stas Sipovich

Art Director

I've been in love with art and design for as long as I can remember. For over a decade, I have worked with a varied list of clients ranging from multinationals to startups. I joined senseZOOM to drive design quality with a dedication to simplicity and functionality.

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Filip Trefil

Senior Graphic Designer

Graphic design has been my passion since forever. What I like about senseZOOM is that I get to cover the entire spectrum of design work – from web design to visual identity and product photography. I also appreciate that we are a small team with a great variety of different projects

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Barbora Dongresová

Marketing Manager

I was in charge of B2B communication strategies and organising events all around the world and also tried marketing freelancing abroad. But nothing compares to being part of a team of people who pull together. I love online marketing and data – from testing to research and analytics. 

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Zdeňka Linková

Content Specialist

I specialise in B2B texts for technical and industrial clients and sometimes switch to PR or podcasting. I simply love everything around content marketing, but what brings me real joy is when clients have the guts to move into uncharted waters and try something new. 

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Barbora Bartíková

Project Manager

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Radim Poláček

Junior Graphic Designer

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Lenka Jarošová


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