Build a team that fits your needs

You don’t need to keep a whole marketing team under your roof. Try Plug & Play marketing and gain all the specialists you need.

Plug & Play marketing means that:

we are your in-house marketing team.

we take care of your brand as if it were our own.

you can turn us off and back on at any time as needed.

Marketing execution

Having nothing to do doesn't suit us. We will help with fine graphics and large projects.

Social media management

We've got the perfect posts, influential campaigns, and quality community management in our hands.

Performance marketing

We constantly analyze, set up, modify, promote, and report so that you are as visible as possible in the marketing field.


We'll come up with a resonant voice for your brand. We are happy to play around with texts for your website, social networks, and blog or write an annual report for you.

Web design

Do you lack the time or nerve to create and manage a website? We will take care of it just as it should be.

Event management

Organizing events is sometimes as challenging as solving a brain teaser. Don't worry and leave all the trouble to us.

Customer care

When our client is satisfied, we are equally just as thrilled. That's why we also handle customer service, newsletters, reviews, and SMS.

Management of external suppliers

Looking for a premium marketing service provider? Just tell us. We know the right people, and we'll arrange the first and last for you. Do you have any favorites? We'll click with them too.

Project management

Have you bitten off more than you can handle with a new project? Invite us to join your team. We manage challenging projects every day.

Sponsorship and CSR

Show the world that you think of others. We'll let you know how to set up your sponsorship to suit your brand concept.

Media communication and PR management

Are you targeting the media? We'll let external PR experts know where you want to be seen and ensure you're there.

Graphic studio

Do you need graphics? Awesome!

In addition to our marketing agency, we also have a creative studio called Prime. Whether you need graphics on a tight budget, a corporate video, or a logo and identity, you've come to the right place.

Go to Prime Studio website

Give Plug & Play marketing a chance

The reward will be a playful team you put together as needed.

How we work