Marketing strategy & marketing audit

An audit of marketing is useful for all companies that feel (and can tell by the results) that their marketing is not working the way that they would like it to.

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An audit gives you a candid and clear reflection of the status quo. And a marketing strategy helps you set marketing goals, define your customer base, the competition and your service. Ten out of members of our team confirm that marketing strategy makes implementation considerably easier, and, more importantly, that it helps increase company profit.


We will help shed light onto your strengths, we will objectively evaluate whether your investment into marketing is profitable and we will also look into how your marketing works. Thanks to our unbiased view, we are able to discover what you may not be seeing or what people are afraid to tell you.

Structured interviews

First, we will want to talk to as many people from your company as possible – management, key staff, the marketing team, HR and others. We will be interested in hearing their view of the company, their goals, values and most of all how marketing works, about their motivation, problems and suggested solutions. Often, your staff already has a variety of wonderful ideas!

Connecting marketing, business and HR

In the next step, we will be interested in the processes and meetings of the sales and HR departments. We will find out how prepared the sales department staff is, which materials they have, what they are frustrated by, what they see as success and how marketing could support them more. With HR, we will focus on internal communication, the hiring process and connection with the marketing team.

Evaluation and first proposals

We will evaluate our observations and will present the results to you – where your team sees potential and areas you should start focusing on. Together, we will sum up the main problems and issues and establish priorities and a schedule. Of course, we would be very pleased if you decided to take the next steps with us (we will already know your company a fair bit, after all).


While we know how to come up with a marketing strategy, we cannot do so without getting to know you in more detail.

1. Shadowing

First, we will spend 2-5 days in your company. We will want to participate in all meetings, keep track of processes and talk with your teams, all with the sole goal of getting as much information as possible about how your business works, who your customers are, your processes and ideas for improvement.

2. Creating a marketing strategy

Based on our observations (and in some cases the output of our audit), we will suggest a short-term and a long-term marketing strategy. What you can expect:

  • Defining your customer base, its worries and needs
  • Evaluating your solutions (do they really fit the needs of your customers?)
  • Clarification of your brand and values
  • Analysis of your competition
  • Defining marketing goals and their evaluation
  • Suggestions of how to use various marketing channels

3. Putting together a marketing team and plan

As soon as we have a strategy and know what you need, we can put together your custom team, yay! After that, there is nothing that is in the way of launching your marketing and letting the strategy come to life, including in-house communication and business development.


    Let's get to it!

    We are in the wings and waiting for the signal to get started on your marketing. Now it’s up to you to give the signal – just write or call us.


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