Marketing outsourcing

If you're looking for in-house marketers, look no further. You have found us! We will put together a customized marketing team for you and will easily adjust it each month if needed.

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A range of experts, who know your company, will come on board the moment you need them. That way, you will not need to worry about hiring staff, vacation periods, sick days, providing work stations or managing the workload. You can also stop worrying about marketing agencies, finding capable providers and coordinating their work. We will supervise all of that for you. What’s more: We will throw high quality into the mix, which is difficult to achieve at a lower cost when you work with in-house staff.

Reach out if you recognize yourself in at least one of the following statements

You do not want to hire an in-house marketing team (you do not have the budget or would not be able to manage it)
You want to start focusing more on marketing but your team does not have the capacity
You do not know what kind of experts and how many of them you would actually need
You have a marketing expert who needs a team of quality providers for strategic consulting and implementation
You do not want to work with a classic marketing agency and an abundance of providers
You want quality professional marketing, sales support and a team that fits together well with your company

“The staff of senseZOOM is part of our team. They even have e-mail-addresses with our company and access to our in-house company system. But at the same time, they provide us with the flexibility we need. We don’t have to worry about choosing other marketing agents or organizing selection procedures to find staff for specific marketing activities. Our HR department does not have to constantly search for new creatives. senseZOOM always delivers the team that we need, each time.“ 

Juan Sanchez Chatar, CEO, Group-IPS

This is how our marketing outsourcing works

1. We get to know you and your company

First, we find out, what the state of your actual marketing (and business) is, what you expect from marketing, and we do an audit of your current marketing. Depending on whether you need to build your marketing from the ground up or just require an extension of your in-house marketing expert, we either prepare the entire strategy or put together a customized team right away and launch into the implementation.

2. We prepare a strategy

In case you do not already have it, we prepare a marketing strategy with you. We will ask a lot of questions about your company's vision, business strategies and goals. We will study your customers, examine your products and services. We will monitor and get to know the market and have a look at the segments you are targeting, what you bring to them and how you could improve that. Read about what a marketing strategy is all about and how we approach it.

3. We put together your marketing team

As soon as we get to know you and are clear about the strategy, we prepare a marketing plan, priorities, a schedule and KPIs. Depending on these we will put together your/our marketing team. You will always have “your“ marketing manager, who will take care of you, but we will add other experts to their team, depending on your needs. Everyone on the team will know your company, but you will not need to worry about their workload, they will simply come on board as required. This flexibility saves you both time and money. And at the same time, it is up to you, which activities you delegate to the team.

4. We will work with you on a daily basis

Who says that a plan cannot change within a year? Depending on how your business will develop, we will adjust as well. Not only from a team perspective, but also regarding the marketing activities. We are prepared to continually adapt your marketing so that it reflects your current situation.

5. Reporting and planning

We prepare result reports plans of further activities on a regular basis. We determine the frequency together, depending on your needs.

These companies have already joined us and outsourced their marketing


Why outsource marketing to us?



Our team of marketing experts is available immediately and can be modified over time to fit your current needs. This means that you do not have to build an in-house team from the ground up, which helps increase the kickback from your investment into marketing as well as its efficiency.


Overlapping skills

We understand sales as well as data and business development – and we see the big picture. We want you to be successful and that means looking into strategy, business and maybe even recruitment.


Insight and distance

We dive deep into your business, but at the same time still take an outside perspective. Sometimes we may not agree with you – and it’s good to be prepared for that.


Professional knowledge

We do not hide behind vague graphs and irrelevant numbers. Our results speak for us. Our experience and know-how help us deliver these results. We constantly work on improving so that you receive the best service possible.

Kdo bude vaším marketingovým parťákem


Hynek Bartík

Náš zakladatel, váš marketingový manažer, stratég, ředitel.


Barbora Dongresová

Online marketing and data specialist



Mistr grafiky, který dá barvy a tvar i vaší komunikaci.


Veronika Chvalová

Seniorní markeťačka, která z vaší strategie udělá konkrétní plán.


Tereza Ibrová

Marketingová specialistka, která se postará, aby vše bylo hotové.

Pojďme na to!

Stojíme na značkách a čekáme na signál, že můžeme nastartovat váš marketing. A ten signál dáváte vy, stačí nám napsat nebo zavolat.


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