Marketing incubator

Hiring the right marketing experts and building a functioning professional marketing team is no easy feat. If you do not want to burden your HR team or do not know what kind of skills, experience and duties to ask of an in-house team, try our marketing incubator.

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It has two functions – we either set up your entire marketing, including all processes and strategies, and then find an in-house team for these tasks, or we help your current marketing professionals set everything up and share our know-how and marketing management experience with you.

When to take advantage of the marketing incubator

You are building a marketing team from the ground up
You need to expand your current team with new 
You need to increase the know-how of your existing team 

“SenseZOOM has greatly contributed to the way the expert public community perceives us. When we entered a phase in which we needed our own marketing team, they assisted us in choosing staff. SenseZOOM continues to adjust our strategy and steer our team.“

Peter Bečár, partner at Crowdberry

How the senseZOOM incubator works

  • First, we become your temporary in-house team
  • We come up with a marketing strategy and start implementing it
  • We build a provider chain (graphic design, internet, PR,…) and set up workflow.
  • After the agreed time, we find a replacement
    • We find new members for your team, who live and breathe for the new strategy and your business
    • We train the candidates and share our know-how, strategy and projects, as well as the network of providers
  • Gradually, our work shifts from everyday implementation to the area of consulting until your new head of marketing has been fully integrated

If you already have a marketing expert who does not have enough experience or needs assistance, the approach is quite similar. In that case, we guide your expert, help them develop their know-how and assist them in fully taking on the role of marketing manager.

Companies that we have already helped build a team


Let's get to it!

Our team is ready. If yours is not ready at all – just write or call us. We will help you find a solution.


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