Brand Identity

Forget that a brand = logo plus brand name. Your brand is so much more than that. It is everything that your customers see, hear and maybe even feel in connection to the name of your company. But it is also about how your employees and the broader public perceive you and even about whether they would recommend you to their friends. 

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Let us shape together how people will see you, from the letterhead to your PR. From the way the visuals look to what your team members say when they pick up the phone.

Why brand is important

A brand says WHO you are, WHAT you do AND WHY you do it and HOW that helps your customer. One word of warning: Building a brand is a long-term project. BUT! If you decide to go ahead with it, you can increase the number of your customers, the value of your company and attract the right talent. In brief: the brand is your company’s aura. Let us in and we can get started on helping your company make a great impression.


To revive your brand, to shape and set up its strategy, we will need to know the answers to a lot of questions. Here are some of them.

1. Your story

What does your brand stand or fall by? What is your story, who are the founders, employees and customers? Why do you exist and where are you going?

2. Your offer

Which issues of your customers do you address, what benefits does your solution bring?

3. Competitor analysis

Who are your competitors? What can they do better than you and where do you excel? Is there something in which they could inspire you?


4. Targeting

Who are your customers, what are their needs, what do they like and dislike, and what should be your take on it all?

5. Positioning

How do you define your brand both in relation to the market and your target group? What are your main messages and claims and what should your overall communication look like?

6. Visual identity

This is where we get to the logo, colors and much more. In short, how will everything that we described above actually look in the end? And most importantly, where is it necessary to shape the brand visually? Where will your customers bump into you?

7. Tonality and written identity

How do you speak, which terms do you use and which do you avoid, what is your tone of voice? Do you joke around – or are you serious? Do you address your customers informally or politely?

    Let's get to it!

    Not every brand can be a love brand. But every brand can communicate what is important. Don’t forget that building your brand already starts at the front desk, in the shop or maybe when you are on the phone with a customer. Let us in and you will see that brand and professional marketing make sense.


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