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Our services in the scope of marketing outsourcing


Marketing audit & strategy

Does your marketing produce the desired results? We will review your current marketing activities, prepare a new strategy and a marketing plan.


Marketing outsourcing

We will put together a marketing team customized especially to your needs. We will oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy as well as the outputs of other providers and experts.


Marketing incubator

We will help you put together an in-house team or teach your current team all they need to know to implement a new  marketing strategy.


Marketing implementation

Your team is overwhelmed? You want to give us a try? We will assist you in urgent projects, be it with copy, graphic design or organizing special events for customers, for instance.


Graphic design

We will take care of all graphics, starting from company logos to creating the design concept for your sales and marketing materials.


Brand identity

…aka the brand. Open up to us and we will collaborate on designing a logo and visual identity. We will work together in handling marketing communication that evokes emotion…

We work with clients long-term and the basis for that is mutual trust. Only then can we support and represent you. We will provide you with the right combination of strategy, consulting, know-how, as well as qualified decision-making, so that we can help your company move forward.

We are your “plug-and-play” marketing department, which will effortlessly blend into your team and provide you with experience that is not easy to find on the market. 


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