Case study

NOVÁK: How we gave more juice to communication on social networks

In the beginning, a Facebook profile was established. 45 followers.

Starting position

In the beginning, a Facebook profile was established. 45 followers. And nothing else.

Communication was unplanned and haphazard, consisting mainly of posting leaflets.

Social networks were unchartered waters for this Czech butcher shop until three years ago.

How did we do it?

First, we decided on where it made sense. The goal was not to be everywhere but where the customers were.

Given the older target audience, the nature of the product, and the client’s budget, we decided to direct all our efforts toward building a community on one social network—Facebook.

We donned the brand in the proper graphic uniform so that it would always be recognizable at first sight.

We set the tone of voice and made it speak in a way that would engage and understand the target audience.

We didn't just bore followers with sales posts. We peppered the product communication with advice, recipes, and tips straight from the butchers. And other formats that garnered response after response.

We covered the performance side as well. Thanks to segmentation, proper targeting, and constant ad optimization, we reached 15× more users than just organic growth would.

We actively interacted with the community and lit a few fires regarding reputation.

And how far have we come together?

In less than three years, we have elevated Novák to the position of one of the fastest-growing brands on social media.


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targeted users

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