Marketing strategy and audit: The foundation of your business

Have you plunged head first into the presentation of your brand, and are you shredding out both online and offline promotional materials way too harshly? At first glance, this may seem the best way to get your brand out into the public eye as quickly as possible. But marketing done without any thought not only doesn't work but can also hurt your business. That's why you should take your time and let independent experts take care of your marketing audit. Based on this, a marketing strategy proposal is created, and perhaps even a marketing plan tailored to your business.

First, a marketing audit is needed

At senseZOOM, we like to take advantage of this crucial step. That’s why we are not too keen on clients who have partial ideas on how to proceed with marketing but have no idea if their ideas will have the desired effect. A marketing audit analyzes the company, its business process and strategy, and its current marketing activities. If we don’t collect this data, it would not be easy to get a picture of what is working, what needs to be improved, and how to proceed in the future to meet your marketing goals.

How a marketing audit works

The entire company is involved in the audit process, from the CEO to managers to sales assistants or tradespeople, partners, and customers. Why? Because each of these people perceives your company in a completely different light. Once we know why the company was founded, its advantages and disadvantages compared to competitors, its vulnerabilities, and where we need to look for new opportunities, we can boldly start developing a strategy.

Now is the time for a marketing strategy

While an audit can work well on its own, you get a solid foundation for setting marketing goals and determining how to meet them when you add a marketing strategy. It will then be easier for you to work on the next stage, which is to set up a marketing plan. We’re already talking about specific steps on how and through which formats you should deliver your brand message.

All three of these stages can be included in a strategy document. This will serve as a great guide for the entire marketing team and other departments of the company. It will help them understand the brand’s marketing activities and simultaneously allow them to coordinate their cohesiveness.

Are you drowning in a bunch of marketing activities that aren't getting the results you want? Let us advise you.