The Marketing Incubator is a solution suitable for medium-sized companies that want to deal with their marketing on their own in the future - senseZOOM will give your marketing a direction and implement it like in our own company.

The senseZOOM marketing manager or the whole team will become a temporary marketing manager for your company.

And our team will work as your in-house marketing team. First, the team is in charge of the entire process of CONSULTATION and on the basis of its results

  • It implements processes and is in charge of the arranged projects
  • It establishes and develops a team within your company
  • It develops a suitable marketing supplier chain (graphics, web, online marketing, PR, monitoring, copywriting, event agency, etc.)
  • Step by step, it implements the arranged processes according to the selected priorities and timeline
  • The senseZOOM team works as an in-house team - they usually spend 1-3 days a week in the company
  • They find a replacement after expiry of the arranged period of time
  • They look for a person who will live by the selected strategy
  • They train the candidate and hand the projects and strategy over to them
  • Gradually, they replace executive activities with consultations, which results in the complete integration of the new marketing head within the company

These steps can also be applied if your company has a suitable candidate in the team who, unfortunately, may not have sufficient experience or needs help with comprehensive marketing strategies - the senseZOOM team will guide the candidate develop them, and help them take over the role of marketing manager