The Marketing Incubator is a solution suitable for medium-sized companies that want to deal with their marketing on their own in the future. senseZOOM will give your marketing a direction and implement it as if the company were our own. Our marketing manager or another key member of our team will become a temporary marketing manager for your company.

Our team will also work as your in-house marketing staff. Based on our consultation, we will:

  • Implement processes and take charge of arranged projects
  • Develop a network of capable suppliers (for graphics, web, online marketing, PR, monitoring, copywriting, events, and the like)
  • Step by step, implement processes according to our agreed-upon priorities and timeline
  • Spend 1-3 days a week working in-house for your company

Once we reach the end of our collaboration, the senseZOOM team will:

  • Identify suitable replacements for our staff
  • Identify a suitable candidate to carry out our strategy
  • Train the candidate and hand over the projects and strategy
  • Gradually replace executive activities with consultations, which will result in the complete integration of the new marketing head within the company

These steps can also be applied if your company has a suitable candidate on the team who may not yet have sufficient experience to develop comprehensive marketing strategies. The senseZOOM team will guide them to build upon their expertise and help them take over the role of marketing manager.