The analysis is the key first step of any long-term cooperation. It allows us to understand what you do, how you do it, what you would like to achieve or change, and what you consider your strengths and weaknesses. 

It also allows us to perform research to map out your market and refine your targeting and positioning, to hit the right customers in the right places with the right messages.

We propose a long-term strategy that can influence the core elements of your business-including your ways of working, internal communications, hiring, and even values-not just your marketing. Together, we agree on priorities and schedules.

During the analysis, we talk to company management and all key employees, but also to other members of your team. We try to determine their views of the company, targets, values, their marketing function, motivation and problems, and we listen to proposals for solutions. We try to determine how your business processes and meetings work (how well prepared the sales force are, what materials and tools they have), as well as HR briefings and processes, management meetings and legal processes. We want to know how your marketing and its connection to sales and strategy of the company work. How marketing suppliers work (a PR agency, graphics, CRM system, web, etc.).


Having evaluated the first stage of the analysis we summarise the potential and problems of your team, the issues they would like to concentrate on and the resolutions they can see. We mutually confirm the key points.


At this meeting, the senseZOOM team summarises the problems and opportunities and proposes solutions, projects and activities that combine the proposals of your team and those submitted by the senseZOOM team. Together, we set priorities and project schedules and arrange which projects you want to deal with on your own and which ones you will entrust to us, or we will help you find the right partner.


Our team will spend 2-5 days with your team, during which time we will monitor all meetings and processes and talk to your teams on the basis of the first proposal meeting results.


After shadowing, we will propose a marketing strategy for your company, set processes, individual projects, their priorities, responsible managers and deadlines. We will propose a process of marketing integration in all activities and across all levels of your company. We will propose the establishment of a marketing team and help you build or position it within the senseZOOM team.