Is outsourcing more expensive than in-house marketing? No!

Let's not lie to each other. In recent years, many companies have slashed their marketing budgets, so senior marketers often handle it without a team, inexperienced juniors, or assistants who are already in over their heads. And that's what the company's marketing looks like. What should you do about it? Try Plug & Play.

Thanks to Plug & Play marketing, you will save a substantial amount of money and acquire a team of experts for whom no area of marketing is a problem. Still don’t believe us? Never mind. Check out our summary table comparing the cost of in-house marketing with our Plug & Play outsourcing, and you’ll be convinced.

An overview of benefits for senseZOOM clients

Internal team
senseZOOM team

Who deals with marketing

A marketing manager who manages the entire marketing operation as best they can, as well as managing suppliers.

A group of highly skilled specialized superheroes tailored to your business.

What do they do

Coordinates vendors, support the sales team, organizes events, monitors costs, and manages the website and social media.

The same tasks as your internal marketer. But on top of that, we can develop everything for the brand ourselves, from strategy to online campaigns to graphics.

How much time will this take

Typically 160 hours per month per person, as these are your employees. Add to that the time of external contractors, from graphic designers and copywriters to performance experts to web admins and printers.

It depends on how you set up your activity schedule with us for the month. We keep track of our own time. You can always sneak a peek and see how many hours we’ve spent on each task.

What do you get out of it

Completion of the most necessary tasks. Postponing activities that are not so urgent indefinitely. Planning for one calendar year without emphasis on a long-term strategy.

Quality output across brand communications and an experienced partner to work strategically on business marketing in the short and long term.

How much do you spend each month
  • Internal marketer: 35,000 CZK
  • External suppliers: 30,000 CZK
  • Paid promotion: 35,000 CZK
  • The senseZOOM team: 45,000 CZK
  • Paid promotion: 35,000 CZK

100,000 CZK / month
80,000 CZK / month

Have you read this far? Clearly, you can see that compared to an in-house marketing team, ours leads by far more than 1 to 0. Now you just have to choose between two types of collaboration. Either you communicate with us without involving your people, or you connect us with your marketer, and we become their right hand. We’ll help them with tough challenges and long-term brand building, and together we’ll deliver results that will be noticed.

Play with us in Plug and Play style and maximize the most out of marketing.