Case study

How we write for a butcher: Lean copy that makes a brand mature like prime beef

In marketing, it often goes like this: copywriting is being either overthinked. Or not cared for at all. When we took over the complete communication of Novák two years ago, a consistent message was the last thing on the client’s mind. We were faced with setting the tone of communication completely from scratch.

How should the brand taste?

This is how it looked before we got involved. Novák spoke like a corporation. Formal, without any ideas or emotion. Yet, as a traditional Czech butcher shop, it should live up to its essence and start communicating in a completely different way—in Czech, clearly, and last but not least, like a human being.

We have humanized communication. Wherever possible, we cut and shortened it. We banned foreign words and overly technical terms. And most importantly, we are doing it this way everywhere now. From the copy on a poster to responses on Facebook comments. It’s the only way a brand can make a proper dent in a customer’s memory.

Merry Greasemas and a smokey New Year

We sell meat, not financial services or heavy equipment. That’s why we can afford a little more in the copy, and we like to pepper Novak’s copy with a pun, a double entendre, or a metaphor. Here’s a selection of the best.

But we don’t push ideas too hard. Too much creativity is sometimes a bad thing and selling is just selling. When needed, we don’t beat around the bush and write directly how much the customer will save.

And the result?

A brand that finally has personality and clarity in what it wants to say. A higher online reach with an engagement rate easily 10% above average. Community reaction. And a few extra smiling emojis on Facebook.

The senseZOOM team has set a long-term strategy for the NOVÁK brand, based on which we have been working together for the last three years to build a comprehensive, functional marketing communication. This has been effectively reflected not only in the visuals of the new website but also in the look of the stores, press releases, and the world of digital media and social media. Thanks to a successful concept and juicy communication, we also built an unprecedentedly solid and loyal customer base, which we are successfully developing.

Soňa Balan
Marketing Director, Novák maso-uzeniny