How Crowdberry’s investment in social media has paid off?

As our parent company, investment platform Crowdberry, grew, it became increasingly clear that we needed to think more about our strategy and better evaluate our social media activity.

Original posts

In 2021, we put our heads together with their marketing team, refined their posting processes and started playing around more with their social media. In addition to shared posts, they gradually featured more original pieces, including photos, videos, or graphics of our production.

It never works out on the first try that a user becomes an investor.For that to happen, you first need to build firm trust with the target group.. That’s why we work on Crowdberry promotion so that every user interacts with the posts or registers after visiting the site and receives news and interesting information about investment opportunities. We use mostly CRM data to target advertising and import audiences into advertising accounts. As a result, we increased social traffic from each investment opportunity by 378% and received 62% more confirmations of interest.”

Pavel Němeček, performance marketing specialist, senseZOOM

Consistent communication

Crowdberry now communicates its campaigns consistently and also informs its followers about the positive impact of the platform on the local economy or thematic trends mediated by the investment team. We are also testing and then incorporating interesting new formats into the mix, such as carousels or infographics.. All are based on data so we can improve Crowdberry’s social networks together.

Crowdberry social media for 2021 in Numbers


languages of communication—Czech and Slovak


organically obtained followers




videos produced by Prime Studio





confirmations of interest to invest