Have you ever liked a certain company so much that you wanted to become a part of it, own it or help it grow and become successful? Not so long ago, investments in companies and real estate were the privilege of large investors. Crowdberry changes the status quo, and that fascinates us. Thanks to Crowdberry, we were present at the start of a revolution that changes the possibilities of growth funding for entrepreneurs. It also provides an opportunity to invest in a relatively broad community that can now join other Slovak and Czech companies on their way to global success. Helping build a company that creates a new market is, on one hand, a challenge, commitment and a lot of work, but on the other hand, it is also adrenaline and fun.


Crowdberry is the first Czech-Slovak crowd-investing platform. It is a professional investment platform connecting companies with small and large investors who can valorise their capital, co-own interesting companies and help them grow by sharing their personal knowledge and expertise.


We have been a part of Crowdberry since 2017 when the company started expanding. We create and execute Crowberry's complete marketing strategy and handle communication.

  • Complete rebranding and corporate identity
  • Brand building
  • Online and offline communication
  • External communication with investors, companies, media and partners
  • Continual development of the web platform, beginning with its appearance and structure to the logic of processes and user experience
  • Events and CRM system implementation
  • Marketing and communication for companies seeking investment through the platform