Arquid represents an interesting challenge to us as a 15-year-old Spanish architecture studio that in 2018 became a part of the multinational company Group IPS, who is also our client and offers key industry players project management services for industrial engineering projects. To create the right communication for a boutique architecture studio as well as architecture in the industry itself is a great challenge.


Arquid is a Spanish architecture studio offering clients a unique combination of architectural design and project management approaches. Arquid are not just regular architects whose work ends by drawing a concept or an architectural design. Throughout the construction process, Arquid architects take on the role of managers who accompany clients in the entire process, beginning with planning, feasibility studies and design, licencing, legal processes and choosing suppliers, to the follow-up management and completion of the project. In recent years, Arquid has been applying architecture with design and project management to industrial segments, where this approach is very uncommon. Factories that are aesthetically designed make pleasant workspaces, fit into and are not harmful to their environment and are the future of industrial engineering.


At the end of 2018, we launched a complete marketing campaign based on six months of a strategic consulting process. Our main goal with the Arquid team is to set up flawless external communication that reflects the quality of their work while also establishing the right and balanced communication between boutique architecture clients and the technically sophisticated industrial customers of Group IPS.