7 reasons to want a Plug & Play marketing team

Maybe you’re thinking about hiring in-house marketers. However, this will add considerable work to your HR department, not to mention the time spent training recruits. And you won’t necessarily know right away if the new employees will perform like clockwork. Wouldn’t it be better to get more effective and comprehensive marketing in one package? After all, there are many reasons to opt for plug & play collaboration. Here are seven of the most important ones.

Plug and Play marketing is especially appreciated when

  1. you don't have time to build, manage and task your internal team and you appreciate your own initiative and high commitment.
  2. you need several marketing professionals, from project managers to graphic designers, and you'd like to have everyone under one roof.
  3. you're dealing with costs and only want to pay for actual time worked, not hours, equipment, training, or vacation time, and you don't want to deal with any administration.
  4. you want a stable partner and would like to temporarily or permanently cover the gaps in your marketing activities.
  5. you want a team with a business development background that can implement, process, and evaluate your marketing audit, set strategies and execute even the most challenging projects from start to finish.
  6. you don't like to hire and fire people.. With Plug & Play marketing, you can avoid this. We adapt completely to your needs when you need to boost or tone down your marketing.
  7. You can test us on a one-off pilot project, so you'll know immediately if we're on the same page and save yourself the expense.

But that's not all of it. Plug and Play cooperation pays off financially.

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