3 modes of cooperation with senseZOOM: Which one is yours?

You have already chosen a project for your Plug and Play marketing team and you know what results it should bring to your business. But you may be a little confused about which form of collaboration with senseZOOM to choose. Will Project, Timer, or Fee mode be better for you? To make it clear once and for all, we will briefly introduce them to you.

spolupráce v režimu Project

Projecttesting & one-time only

Collaboration in Project mode is ideal for you if you have a one-off project for us.. You will know well in advance how much you will pay for its processing, which specialists from our team will be dedicated to it, and when we will deliver the final version. If you have to get management to approve planned orders, go with Project.. This mode will also come in handy if you want totest how you would like to work with us in the future,or, if you are a regularclient and havea one-off project for us outside of Fee mode activities.. Or that you need it ASAPof project? We can handle that, too.

Timertimed one-offs

You never know to what extent you will have an assignment for us each month? Have no idea what time capacitywe should reserve for you? Select Timer. We report every minute of the work completed for you and always only involve the specialists you currently need. We will certainly do our best to accommodate you, but please note that clients who are in Fee or Project mode with exact deadlines haveutmostpriority.

spolupráce v režimu Timer
spolupráce v režimu Fee

Feepre-arranged budget

Take full advantage of Plug & Play marketing. The activities within the budget will bearranged according to your current needs and you will be given priority inthe implementation of all projects.. Fee mode is used by all our regular clients who want to keep the quality of their marketing at a high level in the long term. Fee may also include regularmeetings with your Plug and Play team to review past activities and plan new ones. This avoidssub-tasking to various external contractors and subsequent fragmentation. All this without a ridiculously long notice period,butwith monthly reporting where you can see literallydown to the minute how much time we have spent on your tasks.. Also, in this mode, we can quickly resolve projects that have to be done ASAP even though it might cost you an extra penny.

Did you know that you can switch from Project to Free and vice versa?