Product demos work. Both Horst Fuchs and Steve Jobs understood this. Showing your product live is simply the best option. No one wants to read long technical specifications, brochures or just listen to a person in business attire talking about their wonderful product. So when we thought about how to present the prototype of the independent smart home Ecocapsule to the public, a product demo was the obvious choice. Back in 2018, when people could still freely gather in large numbers, we organized events in Bratislava and Prague. Those were proper adrenaline kicks — and there was even a higher power at work.

How to engage journalists and investors

In 2017, 11 brave Crowdberry investors combined their funds to invest in Ecocapsule. Its founders had a great idea — a mobile and self-sustainable microhome that can be installed wherever, and which can simply run by itself, in any environment. What was missing: a functioning prototype. Overall, 750,000 euros flowed from the investors into the company to allow it to develop the fully functioning prototype. But for a small-series production to start running to satisfy the growing customer demand, more investors were needed. All of this called for an entire marketing campaign — which is where we come in.

Bratislava — look out, flying house ahead!

In Bratislava, we chose the roof of Crowdberry’s company headquarters for the presentation. The Ecocapsule was transported there with a helicopter and even the mere transport already drew a lot of attention. Besides putting on a great event, we thereby managed to stress one of the main benefits of the product, too. You can put the capsule house wherever you want. Literally. All you need is a strong piece of rope and a capable pilot

Prague — we need more water!

For the Prague event, we partnered with Ogilvy PR and CreativePro, an event agency that was funded on Crowdberry. Together we chose the Vltava river as the location for the presentation. We invited journalists, investors, business partners and other guests to the all-day event hosted on the Cargo Gallery, a boat and event space in one. It had a great view: the Dancing House, Vyšehrad, we could already see it all coming together… The problem was, however, that at the time, the water level of the river was too low, so the boat carrying the capsule could not come. That is something you simply do not even consider when you are planning an event. It was beginning to look like we would have to go for option B — a pontoon near Střelecký island — or cancel the event altogether.

But then, three days before the event, it started raining and the level of the Vltava and Elbe river rose. In some areas, maybe even a bit too rapidly. So in the end, one day prior to the event, the Cargo Callery was able to take off from Děčín and come to Prague.

Both events resulted in a successful investment round with over 80 investors joining Ecocapsule to become its co-owners. The investment also allowed the company to start production and hire a number of professionals for its team.

And Ecocapsule’s success story didn’t end there on the Vltava bank. Thanks to the team and investors, the company ultimately made it to Times Square! Yet, we believe there is so much more to come…